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Learn how this irreversible trend impacts you and your organization and how you can use it to your advantage.

Purpose-Driven Marketing Handbook

"Sustainability is the disruptive force of our time."

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Paul Pierroz

Co-Founder + Principal - Springboard Partners
Author: The Purpose-Driven Marketing Handbook

Paul Pierroz is an international expert on fusing marketing, strategy, and sustainability for long-term business success. 

For more than 25 years, his passion has been operating, modernizing, and building organizations through diverse executive roles with Shawcor Ltd., Barrick Gold, Amcor Packaging, and Husky Injection Molding Systems. Paul's work has taken him to over 20 countries, collaborating with diverse teams across multiple fields.


He firmly believes that energy, industrial technology, and natural resource companies must respond to disruption trends with advanced technology and new practices while articulating their positive impacts to stakeholders across the entire life cycle.


Paul earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. He has also completed the Canadian Securities Course as well as the Advanced Program in Human Resources Management at the University of Toronto. He has a lifelong passion for fine art and has managed to integrate this into his studies and work as a leadership communicator.

Paul is a Principal at Springboard Partners, consulting with senior leaders and organizations on sustainability and ESG planning, execution, and marketing.

About Paul

Latest Release

The Purpose-Driven Marketing Handbook

Pierroz_Final 3D_Book Covers Illustration_edited.png

It’s time to reinvent how you talk about your organization.



Picture yourself sitting across the table from a new customer, employee or investor. They ask you the make-or-break question.


In this new era, where sustainability is king, why should we invest our hard-earned time and money with you? 

Stakeholders have options. If you fail to convince them of your sustainability credentials, they will quickly find a competitor that fulfils their needs and you will fall behind the curve. The Purpose-driven Marketing Handbookcan help. It presents a new way to think about and communicate the difference your organization makes through the lens of your products and services, resulting in a unique and more authentic business proposition. You'll be exposed to the best practices of over 30 leading organizations from Caterpillar to the Olympic Games that can help fine-tune your current game plan. It will be your guide to realizing your sustainability advantage and standing out from the crowd. 

This book will help you to: 

  • Identify your sustainability risks and opportunities before they occur. 

  • Discover and quantify your real impact using a simple, four-step model.

  • Express your benefits in terms everyone can understand, in relation to climate, warming, and carbon.

  • Build a winning sustainability and ESG framework that works for you.

  • Develop a compelling purpose statement and marketing campaign that resonates. 

  • Unlock significant marketing opportunities by taking an ecosystem perspective.  

  • Directly link your business and sustainability strategies.

  • Engage both your frontline staff and board for organizational consensus. 

This is an essential marketing tool for motivated business leaders and organizations who want to shine in a crowded marketplace and enjoy success in the long term.

$16.99 CAD

$14.99 USD

$7.99 CAD

$5.99 USD

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"“Sustainability” is more than a buzzword. It’s a value that shapes the decision-making of consumers and investors alike. Paul Pierroz’s handbook provides a method for how companies can not only adapt to a new, sustainability-centric world but see it as a strategic opportunity."

BlueInk Review 


Big Ideas

Insights From The Purpose-Driven Marketing Handbook


A description of the five transformational trends and the possibilities for your organization's marketing advantage 


A summary of the benefits to your organization by creating more sustainability champions and insiders


A comprehensive nine-point

sustainability diagnostic

to help focus your organization's efforts

3-D Purpose Statement

A simple framework for developing a three-dimensional purpose statement anchored in your organization's impact


A four-step model to discover your impact and help communicate your organization's sustainability story 


A best practice examination of the three main styles for sustainability and impact reporting


Advisory Services

Your Partner in Realizing the Sustainability Advantage


  • ESG Tutorials

  • Impact Model

  • Engagement Planning & Production

  • Effective Sustainability Function

  • Impact Discovery & Prioritization

  • Life Cycle Analysis

  • Impact Tracking & Management

  • Sustainability Operating System Development


  • Sustainability Diagnostic

  • Market Analysis & Peer Comparison

  • Executive & Board Briefings

  • Strategy Development & Execution

  • Board Governance


  • Measurment & Reporting

  • Marketing & Branding

  • Investor & Stakeholder Communication

  • Organization Purpose

Practical guidance and support for planning your sustainability journey, engaging and aligning your organization to your purpose, discovering and managing your impacts, and communicating your one-of-a-kind story.



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38 Grand Magazine, Toronto, ON, Canada, M5V 0B1

Tel: (905) - 928 - 0032


Please contact me if you are interested in book orders or reviews, keynote speaking opportunities, or consulting services.

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